Sunday, August 31, 2014

Googling myself/ first blog post!

Here goes my first blog post!
My name is Andrea, I'm an art student at FIT. Im mainly and painter and I'm working towards my dream of becoming an established and well known artist in New York City, and hopefully everywhere else. As of right now I show and document my work on a couple different sites, I mainly use Instagram and Tumblr, I also have an art page on Facebook.
 Out of all of them I use my Instagram the most since its the quickest and most convent way for me to share my work. So those pages are the first to show up on a quick google search of myself.
I don't really have anything else besides my work and a few profile pictures come up, besides other "Andrea Zambrano" profiles, which are of different people and no fake accounts (I'm surprised there so many people with the same name), although It is quite interesting to see the other profiles of other artists and designers who also showcase their work. I am still quite new to social networking in terms of promoting myself and getting my name out there as an artist, so I'm sure thats why as well. I guess its quite a good thing for sure, as I mainly want my art to be the subject and thats how it will stay.
I will also post my work on here as well, so I hope you will enjoy it!
here are the links to my other sites:
My main page/Tumblr:
My Instagram: @astro_drea
My Facebook page:
the hashtag is use is #andreazambranoart
So check my out and give me a follow!