Monday, November 17, 2014


To be totally honest I'm not active on news sites; but surprisingly being on Tumblr has opened my eyes to a lot of global/political events that have been going on not just in the country but around the world. One of the most active stories that broke out this year was the massive protests that broke out on the small town of Ferguson, Missouri.
On August of this year, 18 year old black teen Michael Brown was shot multiple times by white police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was unarmed and apparently had his hands up, running form Wilson when he was fatally shot 6 times at the back of the head.
Multiple witnesses  have reported that Brown did not fight back, retaliated, or threaten the officer in any way. While the police reports say the Brown did assault Wilson.
Wilson did not suffer any consequences; he as not been fired from his job. He has been put on paid administrative leave. Certain information had been tailored to Wilson's favor as well as the Ferguson police, and to paint Brown as a thug.
This caused massive backlash from the Black community. The people of Ferguson began to protest the leave of Wilson only to be met with violent reaction from police. As the situation snowballed the riots got so bad, military action had to be taken. Tanks were roaming the streets of Ferguson. The community also took the social media where the story exploded all across different platforms; especially twitter. Even to this day the Ferguson and Mike Brown hashtags keep appearing on the popular searches on twitter. Pictures and videos of the protests have gone viral.
Today Wilson has still suffered no consequences for the murder of Mike Brown. Browns Family are planing to take the case to the UN, while a trial in the US is still on hold. Posts and tweets are still very active on social media; as well as images of the protests and evidence still circulates the internet.

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